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"Mixing innovation and experience to make a positive impact on society and the environment alongside solid returns."

A commitment to lead the way in terms of good environmental, social, and governance practices in all their development work has been part of the Similan ethos since the start of the company. 

Mixing innovation and experience to make a positive impact on society and the environment alongside solid returns.

Developments like Urbika, Fourleaf and Selcourt, which are aimed at the emerging middle class, are not only helping to alleviate the massive shortage of affordable accommodation but also creating positive socio-economic opportunities. Parents are now able to create happy homes within safe neighbourhoods for their children, providing a space where they can flourish, while homeowners can loan against their bond for their children’s further education or to start a business, unlocking opportunities that weren’t possible before.


Similan recognises that all investment and development decisions can have a significant environmental impact and continues to set the bar higher for developing greener residential properties that remain affordable with our partners like the Green Building Council and Ecolution.


In addition to the positive impact of providing housing, large scale property developments contribute significantly to job creation. A large residential infrastructure project such as the estates developed by Similan, which tend to have civil works budgets of over
R100 million and construction budgets in excess of R1 billion can create between 100 and 170 jobs during the civil construction phase and approximately 3,000 employment opportunities over the extended five to seven-year top-structure construction period. The use of local labour, with direct skills transfer, has a positive impact on the local economy and helps to uplift the surrounding communities.


Similan is a sponsor of 
BlessingBucks, a programme that supports students who are in financial need by providing them with the means to physically sustain themselves. BlessingBucks was established in 2006 when Similan CEO, Harold, and his wife, Ane’ returned from the UK and wanted to make a constructive contribution to the many social and economic challenges faced by the majority of South Africans.

Many disadvantaged students receive bursaries that pay for their tuition fees, but simply don’t have money to buy food, basic necessities, and study material or to pay for accommodation and transport, negatively impacting their studies. Since its inception, the programme has supported 15 students each year.

Similan also sponsors the tuition fees of learners at Calling Academy, a high school that provides an excellent education to underprivileged children in Stellenbosch.