Property development
and advisory services

"Similan was the first developer in Africa to be awarded EDGE Certification."

Similan Consult Stellenbosch

Property Development

Similan’s focus is on residential property development; coordinating all activities to convert ideas from paper to real communities. This property development company buys land, rezone and subdivide, obtain approvals, get financing and design, manage and build residential neighbourhoods which are then sold or rented out. Similan do projects on their own or in joint ventures. The Similan team works with many different counterparts along each step of the development process, including architects, town planners, engineers, surveyors, inspectors, contractors, lawyers and sales or rental agents.

Land Development

Land development is a complex process that involves the evaluation, planning, engineering, and construction of improvements on a piece of land based on codes and regulations set by the municipality and regulatory agencies. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting out, each land portion brings unique opportunities and challenges. In taking ownership of the project at the very earliest stage, Similan is able to establish the land as a secure asset, allowing for higher rental income and asset growth later.

Similan Property Development

Development Management

Similan provides the property development functions described above to other land owners and other developers on a fee or fee plus equity basis. A unique blend of innovative design thinking and the expertise and experience to continuously evaluate all aspects that affect the cost and how appealing a property development will be to the market sets Similan apart.

Project Development

Similan specialises in the art of setting up all the components of a residential development project to work in sync. A logical approach to binding the various components of a large-scale construction project together with effective planning improves the chances of a successfully delivered project. Similan provides this service to other landowners and other developers on a fee or fee plus equity basis.

Similan Consult Stellenbosch
Project Consultant

Property Consulting

Similan’s experts provide consulting services to landowners and developers to facilitate land acquisition, servicing undeveloped land, proposing new developments to potential investors, and the development of sustainable residential properties to suit the South African market.