Sustainability key to equitable economic development in Stellenbosch

Similan Development Manager, Pieter du Toit and Municipal Manager Geraldine Mettler at the Newinbosch launch

Newinbosch, the new 48-hectare mixed-use neighbourhood in Stellenbosch, was officially launched to the public during an onsite event held on Thursday, 2 March 2023.

Situated on the urban edge of Stellenbosch’s northern extension, Newinbosch is a significant first project to come online as part of the Stellenbosch Municipality’s catalytic project, the Adam Tas Corridor Local Spatial Development Framework.

It is currently also the largest mixed-use residential development under construction in Stellenbosch.

In her official opening statement, Stellenbosch Municipal Manager Geraldine Mettler affirmed the critical role of sustainably developed projects such as Newinbosch as a catalyst for equitable economic development within this historic town.

“For Stellenbosch to continue to prosper, we need to challenge the barriers that are preventing equitable access to resources in order to create socially inclusive and economically viable communities,” Mettler said.

She believes development is a necessary requirement for any town to flourish and to remain economically viable. “But the key is to do so sensibly and sustainably – to the overall benefit of the entire town and to all of its communities,” she added.

“The Newinbosch neighbourhood is a primary example of a sustainably designed, inclusive urban development that considers the longevity of the heritage of the historic Stellenbosch town,” Mettler said.

Newinbosch aims to establish itself as the greenest mixed-use development in South Africa. The development incorporates an impressive portfolio of innovative, sustainable design and green building practices that are internationally benchmarked and acknowledged.

“Highly functioning, healthy, and prospering communities can only develop within a space that is respectful of its natural environment,” said Pieter du Toit, development manager at Similan. “As landowners and developers, we remain accountable for the potential impact of the development on the environment and commit to the sustainable management of our natural resources,” he continued.

“It is our responsibility to make sure that this piece of land is built for generations to come, not only for Newinbosch residents, but also as a vibrant and diverse community that actively contributes to the socio- and enviro-spatial wellbeing of Stellenbosch as a whole,” Du Toit concluded.


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